macchina Volantis


Drives like a Car. Fly’s like a plane.


Macchina Volantis’s initial mission is to market and promote the use of (E)VTOL transport and on demand aviation to better utilize the Urban three-dimensional air space above the traditional hardscape roads in cities, additionally to assist with the introduction of a regulatory structure to control integration.

  • Promote and educate (E)VTOL use
  • Better utilize three-dimensional urban air space.
  • Develop a regulatory standard for (E)VTOL


Macchina Volantis’s vision is to create the unique products ((E)VTOL) and services around a network of (E)VTOL use for cargo and ride share within the Urban air spaces. Further to market and educate on the societal benefits of using Urban air travel as an alternative to the traditional hard surfaced roads and rail networks. Lastly, to utilize sophisticated SWARM type technology to ensure safety and uniformity in (E)VTOL use.

  • Create (E)VTOL products.
  • Market and Educate societal benefits.
  • Assist in creating advanced software for SWARM.


vertical take off and landing.


all electric power source.


System Wide Adaptive Ramp Metering (traffic pattern monitoring)


macchina Volantis can provide you with the ability to live where you want to and work where you have too! Drive it out of your garage to the nearest vertical take off point and fly to the nearest vertical landing point to your destination and then drive to your parking spot.

Technical Specs


macchina Volantis provides you with the ability to live where you want to and work where you have too!

Spacious 4-5 seat (adults) VTOL that will take you door 2 door. With retractable and folding wings it can drive on the road like a car to get you to your doorstep after flying you most of the way.

macchina Volantis will enable urban and inter-urban air mobility. Thereby decongesting our city streets and increasing pedestrian green spaces.


Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) capability with auto-hover mode.


Built-in triple redundancy on flight control system with ballistic parachute for emergency landing.

+ Road Vehicle

All electric drive vehicle up to 60km/hr

Future. Transport.

Advanced Automation

Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (EVTOL) Under Development
Autonomous drive Under Development
SWARM Intelligence Under Development
Personalisation Options Under Development

Coming Late 2019.

Prepare for the Future

Detail design to commence shortly.
Prototype completed by late 2019.

macchina Volantis (Freedom)

The ultimate personal and family transport vechicle for the future.
Designed in Melbourne Australia. Engineered by experienced flight engineers.
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Hybrid Electric

Hybrid electic VTOL road and air transport craft.

100 Second Take Off

Take off from almost anywhere and achieve cruising speed within 100 seconds using ducted fans and wing lift.


Aerodynamic fuselage designed for style and efficiency.

Minimum Licence Requirements

Drive on road with a car licence.
Fly with an experimental pilot licence.

Low Cost

Cheaper than many small aircrafts. Contact us for pricing.

Easy Controls

Easy to use drone-like controls with advanced navigation and instrumentation.

Technical Specifications

macchina Volantis is designed with your freedom in mind. Get the maximum range and benefits of our unique hybrid-electric technology.

Flighting Mode
  • Vertical take off and landing capability
  • Auto hover mode
  • Lift off to horizontal wing lift flight in 100 seconds
  • Flies like a normal small plane ceiling 10,000ft
  • Land or take off from any Heli pad or space with a min 8m diameter area
  • Full Garmin flight control and navigation system
  • built in redundancy on ducted fan capacity for normal operation
  • stall speed 65kts
  • runway landing/ take off capability
  • ballistic parachute for emergency landing
  • triple redundancy on flight control system
  • ducted fans provide high level of safety
Road Vehicle Mode
  • wings collapse and fold to reduce width to conform to a standard vehicle
  • can be parked in your garage or a road side carpark, or commercial parking garage
  • all electric drive up to 50-60km/hr
  • enter/exit from two front door openings
  • fill up diesel at any petrol station
  • home charge or at any other quick charge station
  • carbon sandwich composite monocoque construction
  • design to provide additional lift
  • spacious design comfortable for 4-5 adults
  • total cargo capacity 570kg
  • 6 ducted co axial contra-rotating fans
  • 2 fixed ducts and 4 rotating
  • unique design for rotating fans fixed to wings to provide superior aerodynamic efficiencies
  • wing area sufficient to glide for a runaway landing or take off in emergencies
  • collapsing and folding wings to reduce the overall size to conform to a standard road vehicle
  • canard wings with fixed ducted fans to create early lift characteristics
  • carbon composite construction
  • Experimental Kit purchase with full support to complete the project on our premises
  • Maintenance similar to hybrid electric car plus annual Air worthy inspection
  • Home charge and fast charge at public facilities
  • Diesel power generation to re-charge batteries
  • Fans are fully enclosed and stationary when in road vehicle format


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